Honey moons, vacations, holidays. All these can be so much more when visiting the US of A. I’ve had a few of those myself, with family and friends, it’s always more enjoyable when you have someone to talk to during the road trip. I’m here today to show my favorite places to visit during a trip, places you wouldn’t normally go to, or even think about for that matter. Tourist attractions have always had a magic feel to them, I can’t quite put my finger on it but they feel so, alive. Maybe it’s all the visitors trying to take pictures, the crowds, the chatter, it’s probably all of it.

Let’s get started with a fan and personal favorite.

The Golden Gate Bridge

You might’ve heard of it, built in 1933 it stands tall at over 215 ft above water, has a height of approximately 746 ft and it is almost 9,000 feet in length, 1.7 miles. The bridge itself is massive and pictures taken from it are gorgeous as a worst case scenario, the height gives off a vertigo effect which I don’t very much like, but you’ll get used to it in a matter of minutes.

Golden Gate being the bridge that it is has tens of thousands of vehicles passing on it every day, about 100,000 if you are interested, that makes it feel very crowded even when it really isn’t, you will rarely find crowds there. The Pacific Ocean is connected to the San Francisco Bay by the bridge and it is one of the many American symbols and tourist attractions. From a distance you might say that the bridge is red, it is in fact orange, international orange so they call it, fairly odd name for a color. If you do visit Golden Gate, snap a picture and send it my way, I’d love to see it!

tourist attractions golden gate bridge

New Orleans

I’m not talking about anything specific in New Orleans, I’m talking about the city, all of it. It’s beautiful, colorful and full of road side attractions you can check out, it is the worlds jazz capital after all. The beauty of it is wandering the streets at night, people sleep at night you say? Not in New Orleans they aren’t, the streets come to life once the sun has set. You can find yourself dancing to smooth jazz in a club or taking pictures with the rarities you will find, anything is possible in New Orleans, they even made a song about it! Keep an eye out for the House of the Rising Sun! I would absolutely love to spoil the fun and tell you about the hidden secrets that lay in this city, but I’ll keep to myself this time, New Orleans is worth exploring.


Niagara Falls

You knew it was coming, this one had to be on the list. Standing at the border between Canada on USA, Niagara Falls has a breath-taking atmosphere accompanied only by the sounds of rushing water and splashes.

The waterfall has a height of 167 ft yet many people dare hopping into a wooden barrel to ride the falls in it, an extremely dangerous adventure, but what wouldn’t adrenaline junkies do for a little moment of glory. I suggest you don’t do the same. Niagara Falls has three main falls, Bridal Veil Falls, the American Falls and the largest one being the Horseshoe Falls, they are all a sight to see but my heart goes to American Falls, not too hard to guess!


Grand Canyon

Colorado’s Grand Canyon is a wonder of the world, if you ask me or any person that visited the place they will tell you that it is worth going to, just for the view alone. As boring as it sounds, the desert can be a color rich museum if you know where to look. Grand Canyon is one of the prime examples as its rocks have corroded over the centuries and now form a variety of color pallets right in front of your eyes. Surprisingly the canyon is almost a mile in depth and over 270 miles in length, with about 5 to 6 million years of erosion standing behind it.

Statue of Liberty

Last but not least we have the Statue of Liberty, couldn’t forget this one, too many good memories here. Most people visiting the Statue of Liberty get on the island by boat, it’s a quick ride in and out with a great view of the statue before even reaching the destination. The work on the statue started back in 1875, almost 150 years ago! It was restored more than a few times with its last restoration between 2011-2012. Localized in Liberty Island, Manhattan the statue has millions of visitors every year with a peak of 3,2 million visitors in 2009.


A little less known fact about the Statue of Liberty is that it does not originate in the United States, it was originally built in Paris, France under the wing of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi only to be delivered to the US by boat on the 4th of July, 1884. Arriving only one year later in 17 June, 1885 and being assembled in 1886 on the island we know today. The pedestal was not ready by the time the statue arrived but that’s a story for another time, now stop reading and go on a trip, live your life and visit some attractions that caught your eye!


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