My name is Armando Green and I originate from Mexico, I moved to the states when I was 7. I opened this blog to discuss important matters regarding what makes you or me American. We are not defined by skin color, accent or the place we are born, we are defined by our actions. The United States of America were built and forged with foreign blood and sweat after all, the freedom it comes with, that’s what being American is, all and one.

Most of the things covered here will go from wild life to road side attractions of the United States, places you can visit to get a wider vision to the beauty of the country. Like every place on this planet there are good and bad things, we don’t necessarily have to ignore the bad things, they are there and always will be but let’s try and focus on the bright side of said beauty. If you ever felt like packing your bags and wondering with no directions then let me tell you this, you are not the first one to think that and by a long shot you are not the last one. Our human nature makes use want adventure, exploration, to feel alive and that can only be achieved by doing what we really love.

Make yourself at home if you plan on sticking around!

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