If you’re fortunate enough, you don’t live in a big city. Most of us live in small towns around the United States, life is great out here, we don’t deal with car pollution and the air is fresh most of the time. Some people even have backyards and they use them to the maximum of potential. You can even grow your own fruits and vegetables in a small garden if you have enough space for it, don’t get me started on the drive way! Parking your car in your private space instead of a shady alley known as a ‘parking lot’? Beats me. Instead of wasting all day playing FIFA, why not take the fun outside and get some fresh air while at it? Even play football with friends if that’s your thing!

A backyard is useful in many ways, I’d like to list a few and give you the chance of getting to know why living in a small town is better than in a large city full of cars and honks all day long.

Planting Saplings to Later Have Trees

This isn’t the case if you have a forest behind your house, or maybe it is, it’s your backyard so the choice is entirely up to you. You can start planting trees, oak, pine, redwood if you like to live dangerously. You can either plant seeds or saplings, most people start with saplings as they are easier to grow and have already matured. Seeds are a whole different story as they need lots of watering and care, I’m not gonna push the issue anymore as I have yet to plant tree seeds.

How to plant a sapling

Saplings however, they are the easy mode of gardening, you only need to make sure they don’t get infested with bugs, don’t plant them too deep or too shy of the surface to give the roots a chance to expand, but not grow out of the ground. This is how planting a tree goes! Sooner or later you will have a fully grown redwood sitting in your backyard, I suggest you give each tree a safe distance of at least 15 feet in between, so they don’t grow into each other. The only down side to having a tree in your back yard is the huge tree stump that it comes with once it sprouts, but it won’t be a big deal as it offers shade in the summer and one heck of a support for swings!

Starting a Garden

If you’re the rural type, a garden might be just the thing for you. Like a hobby! Try starting a small garden, vegetable or fruit, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have fun doing it. Planting the seeds is the easy part, once you chose what you want to grow comes the time to keep watch on your garden, make sure bugs don’t eat the leaves of your offspring and water them at least once a day for optimal results. If I were you I’d try planting a wide variety of vegetables/fruits, it keeps things fresh as some plants need a different type of maintenance from others. As a bonus, you get to enjoy more food grew in your own garden! In a few months you’ll find yourself surrounded by healthy tomatoes grown by your hand, all bio!

garden tomatoes

Camping in Your Tent

If none of the above appeal to you, the backyard can also be a place to hang out and relax. Perhaps going camping in the woods is a little out of reach, you can setup a tent in your house’s back yard! It’s almost the same thing, just zone out and don’t think about being so close to your home, at night the only thing you’ll hear is crickets and owls so the TV won’t be there to keep you company.

Not only you can camp, but during the day you can even have yourself a decent BBQ, crack a cold one open with the boys! You know what I mean? Enjoy the sun and the grilled pork on that BBQ, ask one of your friends to bring over some chicken wings, potatoes and you are all setup for a memorable afternoon with your buddies!

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