Whether you want to visit the Statue of Liberty or a giant redwood forest, seasons will always be there, trying to get in your way. No matter winter, spring or autumn, you do not let them stop you. We are here to figure out your favorite time of the year for any type of outdoor adventures!

Winter is my favorite, I am highly biased by living in a warm place the first 20 years of my life, you get used to it but after a while it just becomes plain annoying. Cold is something I wished for everyday and now that I’m finally able to experience it, I can’t get enough of it. The real reason I encourage going outdoors so much is because it is much healthier than searching for free gems clash royale and countless useless things, you get my point right? I love sitting by the fire place with a blizzard brewing outside, the noise it makes helps me sleep and gives me comfort. I originally didn’t have a plan for this but I went the extra mile and now we are talking about outdoor activities.

Tackling Seasons

Figuring out what time of the year is your favorite is the easy part, choosing a way to tackle it is what’s going to give you headaches. You may not like winter as much as I do for a matter of reasons, I can however vouch for autumn, unlike spring and summer it’s not plagued by bugs and flies, the temperature is also relatively warm which makes for a good camping trip.

We are getting close to a new year, 2018 will be the year of adventures, I’m looking to broad my horizons. I want to travel more, so why not start now in the heart of winter. What are your new year resolutions? Did you succeed with¬† your 2017 resolution? My 2017 wasn’t the greatest as I didn’t achieve all of my goals, most of them are now off the bucket list but 2 or 3 things still keep me up at night. Traveling is one of them, I didn’t visit half of the places I planned to, I also tried including a trip to Yellowstone and a night out in the wild with friends. I guess we have 2018 to look forward to for that. The one thing I hate the most is still not going on a winter trip with my family, I told myself I’d do it but other things got in the way.

Take a look at what you like to do, do you like camping without a tent, don’t like cold? You don’t always feel like making a fire? Then you should go for late spring and summer. You might enjoy sleeping under the open sky full of stars, no cloud in sight and only crickets to keep you company. If you like setting up a tent for yourself, building a fire and cooking your meal on the left over charcoals, then winter and autumn might be more your style!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately there is no best time of the year, it all ties to your preference and way of living. I like cold climates, I believe there is a satisfaction you can only get by freezing your hair off while you try to start a fire, but when you do, you know it was all worth it. You should do your best to avoid cold climates if you get sick easily, try to boost your immune system consuming healthier food and workout from time to time.

Of course there is always door number three, you don’t feel like going out for some reason, but you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the outdoor world. You can try putting on a headset and giving some nature ambiance sounds a go, they do wonders when you try to sleep on a restless night.

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