December is right around the corner, most people will start seeing snow soon enough, whereas some other people will only have the pleasure of being punched in the face by snow in early February. Earth is changing and global warming is real, there’s no better proof than a late winter and a warm October to back all of that up, but we’re not here to talk about Earth. We are here to talk about your vacation, we are in late 2017, you want a break, you wanna have some off time for yourself, completely understandable. This applies whether you plan on going in vacation while it’s snowing or while the wind is barely blowing outside, your call!

Getting ready for a dream vacation is not easy, in fact, it’s the first thing that could ruin your whole experience, not packing all the clothes, the food, the kids. You know how it goes, your neighbor hits you up on the phone saying they found your kid munching on their cat’s ears again. Don’t forget your kids home. From my personal experience I can say that the only way to make sure packing is not a nuisance is by organizing every last detail. Make a list and precisely follow it, no cutting corners. Format the list in a way that will let you know what important things to pack and what less important things you need. Try color coding your list by importance, green for must pack, yellow for important and red for ‘not so much but don’t leave them at home’.

Packing a Meal

If you plan your trip by car then this will be a life saver as you won’t have to stop for food every half hour and you also save on gas, good for you! Make sure you pack something solid to eat, no soup and no lasagna. Usually, sandwiches are the way to go, but, you can get creative with protein bars, cookies and more things that leave as few crumbles as possible in your car. You can also grab some bottled water from the fridge, you will get thirsty during the trip.

Clothes, in case you plan on changing them.

Vacation doesn’t last for one or two days, it lasts for about a week in most cases. If you are a most case scenario than you will not want to forget your wardrobe home. Pack a few shirts and some pants because after a day of skiing, sky diving or diving you will want to put a pair of fresh socks on. Gloves, hats and scarves are a cold season necessity, so make sure you find a place for them too in your bag!

Miscellaneous but necessary

This category includes toys, wallet, tooth brushes and keys. Grab whatever you feel like it’s worth grabbing, try not leaving behind any keys that you might need, ID or wallet, after all you will user them quite often depending on the place you due to visit. As a last reminder, grab a pair of spare boots, you never know when you’ll need them, better be safe than sorry!

Where off to?

I left this one last on purpose, because I want to ask you, what do you plan to do on your vacation? Will it be a one of a kind fishing experience? One with the nature bonding? Or a soul¬†relieving long lasting hike? You see, I’ve been traveling for a few years now, been here, done that. I never stopped and asked myself ‘why?’ tough. It’s quite frankly odd, you just feel like going somewhere and you go, most of the times not even holding a valid reason for doing so. I want to know why some of you do this. Just a question, answers are not mandatory but are much obliged!

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