Long time no see, friend. Hope your 2018 started off on the right foot and things are going just the way you want them to go. Needless to say the reason for my absence is an unexpected extension to the winter vacation. The plan was to stay one month in the Rockies, we ended up spending another month at a friends cabin in the woods about 300 miles from our original vacation location. I don’t regret doing it though, I had the kind of old-school fun you can only get from unexpected events, unique-like.

Winter Vacation Destinations – 2018 Edition

I’m here to suggest a couple of places for your winter time vacation just because I’m in that great mind set and mood, perhaps one of those places to visit during winter will catch your eye 😉

The Rockies

Renting a cabin in a national park in the Rockies is the best option, it goes without saying. However the cold there is unfathomable, it gets so cold that the ice itself gets a flu, beware.

rocky mountains cabin


If you enjoy activities more than anything during winter than I can wholeheartedly suggest visiting Burlington, Vermont during the snowy times. The have great slopes for skiing and sled action.

snow in vermont

Galena, Illinois

I may have never mentioned this, but I originate in Illinois, born and raised. Proud to have this on my list as the environment in Illinois is beautiful during any time of the year, however fall and winter take the cake here. Fall has beautiful red and orange colors sitting on every tree and winter is a white painting fantasized by thousands of painters at once.


If the North Pole was located in the United States then Breckenridge, Colorado would be the place Santa Claus chose as home base. Breckenridge is a great place to visit, not only during winter as festivals are held around the clock and you might just stumble upon one during your trip there. Lots of activities for friends and family, places to visit and slopes to conquer.

skiing slope colorado

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