Yellowstone is home to a large number of carnivores and herbivores, each living in their own way, from the top of the chain food to the bottom. Combined with the fauna and the wild life, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Yellowstone is also home the the Yellowstone Caldera, a super-volcano with a size of 34 to 45 miles/55 to 72 kilometers. The height of the volcano is over 9,000 feet, 9,203 feet to be precise and it was formed more than two million years ago.

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Cataclysmic Eruption

The Yellowstone Caldera is being monitored every day of every year in order to assure safety for the visitors. An eruption is very unlikely but seismographs have detected over 3,000 earth quakes inside Yellowstone back in 2010. It is an alarmingly large amount as it surpassed the seism record set back in the mid 1980s.

yellowstone national park

Wild Life

The park is a wonder of nature, a protected reservation which you can visit any time of the year and witness its greatness. Winter seems the most suitable time of the year for a visit, speaking from my perspective. Everything is covered in snow, the only thing you are able to hear is a fading running river and the snow being stomped under your boots. Creatures most commonly found in the park are bison, wolves, moose, elk, bears, foxes and badgers. Most of them are hostile creatures and should not be confronted under any circumstances. The Yellowstone wildlife ecosystem is host to 61 different mammals, living mostly in harmony.

yellowstone wildlife gray wolf

Gray wolves almost went extinct for a while, until in 1995 they were restored and now dominate the valleys of the park. There are thirteen wolf packs roaming the Yellowstone grounds, you can identify a wolf by the way it walks, they often walk in packs and are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Most species of predators in Yellowstone live in packs, including wolves, they help preserve life through natural selection. One dies so the others can live.

The elk is the most dominant species in the park, population wise. There are over 15,000 elks living a simple life. Elks often fight using their antlers in order to impose authority, this mostly happens during the mating season. Badgers also frequent the haven of the park, they spend most of their lives in solidarity (except during mating seasons) and it has a dark stripe on the back. They are mostly active at night and can be found in open fields. That wraps up most of my thoughts regarding Yellowstone National Park, it’s worth visiting, more than once.

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