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Ways to Increase Creativity as an Actor

For the most part, actors are creative people. They have to be to act and perform. However, there are certain times during their careers when they can become uninspired or uninterested in acting. This is unfortunate because creativity on set helps actors get into character and better portray their roles for viewers of film and theater alike. If you’re an actor that’s struggling with your creativity, then consider these tips below.

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The Powerful Art of Solo Performance

A solo performance is a performance by one person. Solo performances are often done on stage, but they can be done in any venue or environment with an audience. For example, the artist may perform live music, dance, mime, poetry recitation, storytelling, or theater.

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Making the American Man aims to cover a wide range of performance genres and styles, with a focus on small-scale and fringe theatre. This is the lifeblood of UK theatre and performing arts, but it is also the work least likely to receive newspaper reviews. Making the American Man wants to provide small and emerging companies with the coverage they need and deserve, and publish those reviews alongside those of larger companies and venues.