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Most Epically Concert Tour Costumes of All Time

Most of us have seen a movie or television show where the actors are dressed in costumes that reflect their characters’ time period, location, and/or profession. These types of costumes require an immense amount of planning because they need to be historically accurate and fit for the specific actor portraying them. Costume designers work with actors on measurements before creating these looks, but there is always room for adjustment once they arrive to set. This process can be lengthy and expensive depending on how many people were involved in making sure everything was perfect, down to minute details such as buttons and zippers. It’s no wonder that most show opt-out of spending additional money on historical accuracy by simply dressing performers in modern clothing instead.

Concert outfits for every type of show

It’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, but it can be fun! Costume designers for Broadway shows and concerts have the daunting task of making sure their costumes are as flashy as possible. After all, they know that audiences love anything with lots of sequins or feathers! But these costumes are more than just over-the-top outfits – they’re pieces of art.


This list includes some famous names like Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and even Elton John. Some great lesser-known costume designers deserve recognition too.

In honor of the concert season, we’ve compiled a list of the most epic costumes from tours worldwide. To make this list as comprehensive as possible, we’ve included costumes from all genres and periods. From Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Marilyn Manson’s Madonna-inspired cone bra, these costumes show that there is no limit when it comes to creativity in live performances.

We hope you enjoy reading our list and checking out some of these fantastic outfits! We’re sure they’ll inspire your own creative process for your next tour or stage production.

The best ever concert costumes

The world of pop music is one filled with creativity and high fashion. That’s why it should come as no surprise that some of the most iconic concert costumes are ones worn by musicians on stage. From Madonna to Lady Gaga, here are some of the most epic concert costumes ever!

  • Madonna in “Like a Virgin” (1984) – With this costume, Madonna made her big entrance into the world of 80s pop culture and did it with flair. The lace corset dress was complemented perfectly by her thick black belt and matching lace gloves and headpiece. A true classic!
  • Kanye West in “Stronger” (2008) – This outfit might not be for everyone, but we can’t deny its uniqueness.

The biggest expense for any concert tour is the cost of costumes. The amount spent on these items varies depending on several factors, including how many shows are in a single location, what kind of show it is, and if multiple artists are performing at one time. If you’re interested in knowing how much money is being used to create your favorite band’s outfits, read below.


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